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English Riding Lessons jumper training warmblood jumpers for sale
Boarding and english riding lessons at Coventry Farms can take you here.

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Dan and Joyce Brost
(303) 794-3052

Jim and Kris McConnell
Owners, Trainers, and Instructors
(303) 794-3052

Kris’s Cell

Jim’s Cell


Barn Rules | Ring Rules and Manners | Waiver

the outdoor arena

Board Rates

12 X 12 Box Stalls in Cyprus Barn
10 x 12 Box Stalls In Cyprus Barn
Stalls in Everett and Other Barns
Overnight, any Barn $ 30.00 per night
$ 30.00

Board prices include feeding, watering, and the cleaning of stalls.
30 day notice is required when leaving, or you are responsible for paying the next months board.

Barn Hours are 7:00 am -10:00 pm
Lights out in the riding arenas at 9:30 pm and in the alleyways and tack rooms at 10:00 pm.

Trailering Rates
Minimum of $50.00, then the rate increases depending on the distance from Coventry Farms. Additional charges apply for mountain travel. Trips to, Golden Animal Hospital are $50.00.

Other Services:

Show Clip (ears, muzzle. legs) $ 40.00
Full Body Clip $145.00
Braiding $ 40.00
Pulling Manes $ 20.00
Borrowing/Use of Clippers $100.00
Grooming, Tacking Up or Putting Away $ 15.00
Monthly Turn Out $100.00(4 days per week)
Individual Turn Out $15.00 per turn out

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Coventry Farms, Inc.
has done everything possible to assure that our guests experience a safe and fun equine related experience. We wish to inform our guests that equine related activities are not risk free. The same elements that contribute to the unique character and fun of equine related activities could cause loss or damage to equipment, injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma or death. We do not want to heighten or reduce your enthusiasm for the experience, but we do want you to know in advance what to expect, and to be informed of some of the possible risks. We ask that you read the waiver, click here to print, sign it, and return it to our office.

Under Colorado law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities from the inherent risks of equine activities. Pursuant to section 13-21-120, Colorado Revised Statutes.


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